few weeks ago, there was a list going around Twitter in which twitterites named a favorite film released in each year of their lives. This then has prompted me to watch (or rewatch) as many movies as I can from my birth year. I believe there were 1000+ films released in 1966, and perhaps I will view around 100 of them. Or 50. Afterwards, my plan is to watch movies grouped in 10 year increments, so my next list will be of 1976 movies, then 1986, and so forth. I occasionally will post on selected titles.

Below is an evolving list of my favorite 1966 flicks, a list I have named #Cinema66. But, as Prof Velie asked us one day in Grad School, what accounts for personal taste? Certainly there are Bourdieu and the social constructionists to complicate everything, so I know “favorites” and “best” are not always in parallel.  That being said, I understand the films I placed at the bottom of the list contain merit and worth–and could be great cinematic accomplishments.

(Also, there are films I attempted to watch, but just could not finish. Those will have a place in cinema heaven, but will not be mentioned on my list.)

A quick thought about #Cinema66: a theme I am beginning to see in these films, especially those near the top of my list, is the immediate response of a one-generation removed away from WWII to the question of “what is it to be or what is it not to be?” in the threats posed by the Atomic Age.

I love film chats. Drop me a line to let me know your favorites and recommendations from 1966.
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Persona (Sweden)

Andrei Rublev (Soviet Union)
3. Closely Watched Trains (Czechoslovakia)
4. A Report on the Party and the Guests (Czechoslovakia)
5. The Face of Another (Japan)
6. The Shooting (US)
7. Daisies (Czechoslovakia)
8. La Noire de… (Senegal/France)
9. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Italy/Spain)
10. Blow-Up (UK/Italy)
11. Tokyo Drifter (Japan)
12. War and Peace (Part 1) (Soviet Union)
13. Seconds (US)
14. Zatoichi’s Vengeance (Japan)
15. Georgy Girl (UK)
16. The Fortune Cookie (US)
(Redeeming factor: Ron Rich’s character)
17. Batman (US)
(Redeeming factors: Adam West; Cesar Romero;  campy; snappy dialogue)
18. Alfie (UK)
(Redeeming factor: the breaking of the fourth wall)
19. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (US)
(Redeeming factor: Richard Burton)
20. The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming! (US)
(Redeeming factor: sexy Alan Arkin)
21. Grand Prix (US)
(Redeeming factors: sexy James Garner; Saul Bass)
22. Harper (US)
(Redeeming factors: Paul Newman; sexy Harold Gould)

(Last Updated: 9 April 2017)