Essential Readings in Indigenous and American Indian Studies (Draft)

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Indigenous and American Indian Studies is a field that explores and analyzes Tribal Nationhood: sovereignty, self-determination, Tribal Nation rebuilding, and respectful coexistence. It seeks to promote and foster the understanding and practice of each of these four elements. While not a legal or history or a literary or anthropology field, Indigenous and American Indian studies can utilize these subjects–and others–to further understanding of the development and growth of a contemporary and robust, thriving Tribal nationhood.

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The work-in-progress list below, while not exhaustive and only an introduction to this field, seeks to broaden the conversation and awareness of Tribal Nationhood (AKA Indigenous and American Indian studies). This list arises from my teaching of this subject at both Tribal and Historical White colleges, as well as from my work to support Tribal Nationhood. The list is organized thematically, although clearly many of the titles can be categorized under several topics. Please note that colonization and decolonization, an important theory to this field, are topics addressed in most of the readings below.

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Starting Points (read these first)


Readings on the US’s Indian Wars and Militarization


Readings on the US’s Anti-Indian Popular Culture

  • Forthcoming


Readings on Oklahoma


Readings on Critical Indigenous Legal Theory and US’s Anti-Indian Policies




Sovereignty and Self-Determination


Tribal Nation ReBuilding


Auto/biographies and General & Tribal Histories


Tribal College Movement

  • Forthcoming


Contemporary Issues


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